The most important ingredient in cooking is Passion

What can you expect?
Even though the cost of food has gone up considerably, we decided to keep the prices we have had for several years. Lynn Hoag and Sterling Evans have started growing gardens with high nutritious and high Brix produce for the Cafe and Deli. You are assured to have the freshest and healthiest food, that is not available anywhere else. Foods that heal. Zucchini, cucumbers, green beans, beets, and sweet peppers to name a few.

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Meet the Team

Sterling Evans

Chef / General Manager

Simone Evans


Quinn Evans

Chef Assistant

Ivan Perez

Chef Assistant

Sean Lubecki

Chef Assistant

Luis Perez

Chef Assistant


Lynn Hoag


David Evans

Bee Keeper / Honey Supplier

Lynette Evans

Gardener / Preserver


Sterling Evans

Sterling Evans is the General Manager and has taken over for Grandma Elizabeth. Three years ago was his first year solo.

After working at the Tahoe Cafe and Deli for fifteen years, along side his grandmother, learning and mastering her recipes and making his own, he has had some big shoes to fill. However, having lots of time in the kitchen with a great teacher, he feels that he’s up to the challenge.

Sterling specializes in Gourmet Vegan Cooking, using the best ingredients; primarily vegetables grown in his own backyard. Sterling’s dishes can only be described as amazing and incredibly healthy.

In Loving Memory of Elizabeth Hoag

Elizabeth Hoag, worked as our General Manager for 15 amazing years. Passionate, devoted and kind. A woman greatly missed and treasured. 1998-2013

Want to work at the Cafe…?

Looking to work at Tahoe Cafe & Express Deli for this year or next year?
Part Time and Full Time Available. Free Meals.

Positions Available

  • Sous Chef
  • Chef Assistant
  • Dishwasher
  • Food Prep.
  • Shopper
  • Cashier 
  • Baker